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The Specialized Youth Association Le CREE who is helping deaf people and hard of hearings is 40 years old, and for the occasion, the Veteranteam of Chiefs is organising a charitygame against former Red Devils : Philippe Albert, Yves Vanderhaeghe, Emile and Mbo Mpenza, Michel De Wolf, Carl Hoefkens, Gunther Schepens, Olivier Deschacht, Jean-François De Sart, Nordine Jbari, Luigi Pieroni, Danny Boffin and many more, with Robert Waseige as head coach !
All the money that is raised for the benefit of Le CREE, will provide to deaf children (or hard of hearing), who are socially isolated due to their handicap, the oppurtunity to participate at sportactivities with children without an handicap with specialized aid.

Together with many guests, come and discover CREE and their many projects to promote the integration of deaf people and hard of hearings.

Buy your tickets ... at the entrance 

End of the online sales. Each entry ticket bought in advance was also a ticket for the lotery, with as prize the participation in a penaltie competition or other gifts :
     » Show your calmness in a penalty shootout against the goalkeeper of the Devils Legend
     » Win "Devils Legend"-shirts of the game

On the day of the game, tickets are available for 10 € | adult and 5 € | child (less than 16 years) but they don't give acces to the lotery.

Program at a glance

     » 1 pm | opening doors
     » 2 pm | start of the activities
     » 3 pm | kick off
     » 6 pm | meet & greet with the Devils Legend