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CREE npo | www.creeasbl.be

CREE started in 1979 with the purpuse to organise entertaining activities for deaf children who could not participe in regular activities because of the communication gap. 

Since then CREE has evoluated non stop to become nowadays an important actor in the sector, with two main branches : animation et education. 

As an official Youth Organisation, our mission is to encourage deaf children or hard of hearing to become CRACS, Citizen Responsable Active Critical and Solidary.

David Vanderbiest | Communication and Fundraising

Wish to support our actions ? Make a gift on BE43 0015 0706 0001 !

More information on www.creeasbl.be

Chiefs WSL | www.chiefs.be

Chiefs WSL is an ABSSA club that takes its origins in a group of students from the Don Bosco College in Woluwe.

This group of friends was crowned Belgian Inter-School Champion in 1981 and had the opportunity to live an inter-school international exchange with the American MLS club "Atlanta Chiefs", hence the name of the club.

Eager to continue the adventure beyond their last study year, a professor of the College, helped by his faithful friend Bernard, set up the club on foot with the sponsorship of Frankie Vercauteren.

Already a rich history of 11 league titles, as well as multiple climbs and descents in 37 years of history, the club has experienced a meteoric rise from Division 6 to Division 2 without transition during the first 4 seasons of its existence.

The club currently has 4 teams including a team of veterans. The teams have evolved this season into D2, D3, D5 and D2 veterans.

Having narrowly missed the climb in division 1 two seasons in a row, the first team this season has been downgraded to D3.
Team 2 played the 1st roles in D3.
Veterans (Team 4) narrowly stayed in D2 veterans.
And the all-new team 3 dominated their D5 series to won the championship title hands down.

The club Chiefs is an active club and in perpetual search for new challenges, we have not finished writing the history of the ABSSA!

Claude Dubart | Manager-Founder of the club

More information on www.chiefs.be and www.facebook.com/chiefs.wsl